According to our model, each Create Collective program is created around the participants and teaching artist. If you or your center would like to discuss workshop and project possibilities for your community, contact us.

Youth Programs

Writers for Literacy Initiative

Create Collective’s literary artists have worked together to expand our creative writing programming across multiple centers. Our team is especially focused on enhancing literacy by inviting students to express themselves through poetry, fiction, storytelling, and creative non-fiction. Each curriculum is created by our artist leaders to meet the challenges and strengths of our students.

Artist Leaders: Vanessa Martir, Camilo Almonacid, Chelsea Lemon Fetzer

Partners: Art Beyond Sight, Brooklyn Charter School,
Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center

All The Colors and Community is Windows
Spring 2010 & 2011

These two photography workshops were designed for the 3-5 year-old students at Old First Nursery School in Park Slope Brooklyn. The curriculum encouraged community awareness while introducing rudimentary photography principals such as: portrait, landscape, color, and shapes. The workshops culminated with the publication of two books featuring the students’ work, as well as an outdoor exhibition on the gorgeous walls of Old First Church.

Check out our publications, All The Colors,
Community is Windows, 
by clicking here!

Artist Leaders: Gabriel Wilson, Chelsea Lemon Fetzer, Maril Ortiz
Old First Nursery School.

Tucks & Out of This Space
Winter 2011

In collaboration with sculptor Carlos Sandoval De Leon and the Ali Forney Center- an organization providing shelter and services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or gender queer (LGBTQ) homeless youth- The Create Collective conducted two visual art projects: "Tucks" and "Out of This Space" exploring object, space and how these concepts are articulated by homeless youth through sculpture.

The Create Collective exhibited pieces from our projects with the Ali Forney Center at Art For Change's gallery space for their event: “(dis)located”. Additionally CC hosted a social justice workshop led by Carlos Sandoval De Leon to follow up and reflect on this work.

Artist Leader: Carlos Sandoval De Leon
Partners: Ali Forney Center (CAMP Brooklyn) and Art for Change