The Model

Create Collective artists are professionals working in a variety of forms including visual, music, literary, media and performance arts, as well they may integrate more than one of these forms. They are also experienced educators with rooted interest in community work.

Create Collective partners are our hosts, sites, and workshop participants. A partner can be anyone from an individual wanting to host a program in her/his living room, to a social service agency, or education center. The many possibilities of partnership are exciting to us.

After an intensive query process, we pair artists with a partner based not only on a shared interest in form(s) but a complimentary experience, history, a shared question… a chemistry. As a result each of our workshops and programs is entirely unique, as it is created and evolving around the identified challenges and goals of our partner in combination with the voice of their artist.  In this way the workshop or project takes risks, asks new questions, is continuously translated.

Additionally, Create Collective supports collaborations between artists and partners by:

  • Managing and negotiating projects
  • Fieldwork assistance
  • Procuring work/exhibition space
  • Presentations and referrals to the community
  • Curating culminating events and/or publications for the purpose of promoting projects and their host community
  • Acting as an overall trouble shooter to resolve issues preventing projects from coming to fruition

Create Collective curates programming to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Involve collaborations between artists, arts organizations, community and civic groups, government entities, social service agencies, or otherwise organized community members.

  • Offer opportunities for the creation of new works of art through collaborations while providing experiences of artistic merit and integrity for the public

  • Reach audiences and participants with limited access to the arts or to a particular art form

  • Provide opportunities for exchange and appreciation of the artistic
    traditions/expressions of diverse cultures and communities

  • Work with new or non-traditional venues for arts programs and exhibits

  • Contribute to a community’s enhanced quality of life or economic revitalization

  • Utilize the arts to seek active solutions for "real life" issues that concern our participants and/or the communities they live in or identify with