Adult Programs

According to our model, each Create Collective program below has been created around the participants and teaching artist. If you or your center would like to discuss workshop/project possibilities for your community, contact us.

People’s Potlucks | 2011 and 2012

The People's Potlucks were a program of artist-led events that explored-- through creative expression, personal stories, dialogue and a shared meal- issues of importance to engaged, critical citizenship. Bringing together people from all walks of life in small, intimate settings for thoughtful reflection, deep listening, and the possibility of finding common purpose across difference, the Potlucks offered an alternative to political discussion focused on policy change or the latest issue of the day and instead aim to unleash fresh thinking, spark ideas and imagine new ways to see and act interdependently.

The People's Potlucks were created by MAPP International Productions in partnership with Samita Sinha- lead artist, and The Create Collective.

Dance, Writing and Wellness

In our ongoing collaboration with partner, Start Your Engine- a free comprehensive health and fitness education program for women who want to attain a healthy lifestyle- Create Collective brings our own literary, belly dancer Celina Martinez, as well as performer and Brown Girls Burlesque creative producer, Chicava Honeychild to creatively enhance a "work-out".  Celina Martinez, Chelsea Lemon Fetzer, and Kesha Star Young also lead SYE workshops exploring food, the body, and movement through creative writing.

Artist Leaders: Celina Martinez, Chicava Honeychild,
Chelsea Lemon Fetzer, & Kesha Star Young

Partner: Start Your Engine

Skirts and (Out)Skirts
June, 2012

A multi-arts workshop in response to the recent rise in sexual and/or street harassment especially as it affects women and/or the LGBTQ community in the Brooklyn area. Featuring the work of Sydnie Mosley, Tara Themis Brown, and tART Collective, we explored the way art-making can raise awareness effecting healing and change. Finally, participants created our own art in response and reflection.

Artist Leaders: Sydnie Mosley, Tara Themis Brown, and tArt Collective
Partners: Nefertiti Martin, The Center for Anti-Violence Education

This project was generously supported by the Park Slope Civic Council