Arts in Baltimore City Public Schools Drive

Access to visual arts, music, the performing arts, and beyond is essential to the well-being and academic success of children. Early in 2017, when it was announced that Baltimore City Public Schools would be facing a devastating funding gap- forcing individual public schools to make deep budget cuts including funding for art and music resource classes, The Create Collective, Inc. began a fund drive to directly support the preservation of art education across Baltimore City Public Schools most impacted by these cuts.  

Update: thanks to the activism of our city council members, parents, students, teachers, and communities across Maryland and beyond-- most of the funding to Baltimore City Public Schools has been restored.  However, restoring near status quo funding still leaves several of Baltimore City's Public schools under-resourced. We are proud to announce that the Create Collective has, with your support, raised $1100.00 which will be allocated this fall to the arts programming of three schools. We are in the process of determining which will be granted based on need. Please check back for announcements in August.   

Thank you for your support!


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