The Create Collective, Inc. generates and supports art education and arts activities in community based spaces. Through collaborations between professional artists and community members of all ages, we strive to: discover new possibilities and purposes for the arts, engage with local and global initiatives most often considered separate from the arts, and bring new voices to the gallery, stage, or page.


At the heart of The Create Collective is the conviction that the arts are a fundamental part of community well-being.

The vision for this organization is inspired by the increasing number of local artists with innovative ideas for community outreach projects who are unable to carry those ideas out due to the limitations in funding they face as individuals as well as the lack of organizational help or expertise.

In addition, we are inspired by social service agencies, community and civic groups, health centers, senior centers, and plain regular folks from the block who are interested and aware of the possibilities of the arts but are restricted in resources, contacts, or time to coordinate.

In equal measure, we strive to assist artists and community based organizations or groups from project idea to completion, and to bridge the gaps described above by creating opportunities for dialogue, developing and coordinating arts workshops, and managing collaborative creative projects.

Our goal with each project: to integrate the learning of and about an art form with critical thinking, individual empowerment, and community relevance.

The Create Collective, Inc. believes the arts must be part of the conversation surrounding the challenges of our time and proposes as well, the arts offer a wealth of solutions to be supported and explored.